nice to unofficially meet you

You can just call me Sam

Whether you're a friend, potential employer, or random visitor, I appreciate you taking the the time to learn more about me and my work. 
Go on ahead!
I live my life by abiding 
by what I call the 3 H's:

with my myself & others

in understanding where I came from

as a tool for surviving the monstrosity that is architecture
Seville, Spain
Seville, Spain
Graduation Day
Graduation Day
I was born and raised in
Southern California
by my two amazing parents,
alongside two beautiful sisters
and a dope brother.
I am the oldest.
My passions and talents lie in
video production,
graphic design,
and psychology.
2nd Year Final Presentation
2nd Year Final Presentation
District Event Registration Table
District Event Registration Table
I love to volunteer as 
a leader, a mentor, a treasurer, 
an event planner & organizer, 
an advisor, an IT tech., an educator, 
a ____________ (insert job title here), 
at my local church and organizations that I support.

I don't consider myself religious, 
but I do believe in the power of faith.
I graduated from USC!

Cum Laude with a
Bachelor of Architecture 
& a minor in Psychology.
There's psychology again... weird huh?
Fight On!
Fight On!
Started with DAHLIN in 2021
Started with DAHLIN in 2021
I presently work at DAHLIN,
an award-winning architecture, planning,
and interiors firm, as a
in Bellevue, Washington,
alongside an incredible team.
Some personal goals:
1. Visit all 50 States (status: 21/50)
2. Give back to my home community.
3. Go skydiving.
The story continues.
The story continues.
Okay, that's me in a nutshell. Let's connect!
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