*Studies Abroad in Barcelona, Spain*
In the first project, we were sent out into the city of Barcelona to create a map that provided interesting information about a particular location. We were situated around what is called the "ronda", Barcelona's freeway system. Working alongside Vivian Guan, we created a map showing the level of comfort pedestrians experience while walking on sidewalks.
In project two, we were given a site to research and analyze again to create a new set of maps. These maps were to help us in the design phase of the final project. Working alongside Vivian Guan, we developed a system that calculated the level of urbanity around our site. The map then revealed locations where specific programs should be implemented to increase the level of urbanity.
In the final project, we were tasked with designing temporary housing for tourists, students, and refugees in Barcelona (a highly debated topic). We also had to consider the "ronda" itself and the problems (or opportunities) it brings to our site and program, be it noise, slope, or pollution.
The first board outlines the origins of the project and its overall goals.
The second board continues describing the overall goals of the project.
The third board delves into temporary housing and details the creation of different sized units implementing dynamic core elements equipped with basic living necessities. 
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